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Cricket Breeding – Week One

This article is the first of a series chronicling my latest attempt to breed crickets. I have only done this by accident in past, by inadvertently creating the conditions that make them want to reproduce. The purpose is to more easily provide an ongoing food source for our crested gecko. These are not for human consumption; that is gross.

Taco Interactive Daydream

Earlier On There were couple of programming environments I used during the 80s. Atari BASIC, Commodore 128 BASIC, Commodore 64 BASIC were common. There were also the weird assemblers that I first typed out of Ahoy! magazine, and then used to validate other programs that were just long lists of hex ...

Overlay on Full Page Background

There are good reasons to build a simple one-page website. While there are great content management systems and frameworks available, creating a simple business card style website is often necessary. These websites can be particularly helpful as placeholders while you align your company's strategy to your software applications.

QR Codes Save Cats

Well, it finally happened. I've been building websites for nearly twenty years now. I thought I really got past that period when it would make even the slightest bit of sense. I made a webpage for my cat. Or rather, a webpage for each of my two cats: Bruce and Cathy. I'm not concerned about ma...

Unity vs Gnome

A long time ago I gave up on the idea of meticulously customizing my computer. Perhaps it's because I've installed, utilized and reconfigured more than one, or because I was really getting into programming. Or maybe it's just too much work. Over time, I've found it's sometimes simplest to just reformat a system.

Coding in Ubuntu

I tend to make a big deal about opensource. I presented on it at PodCamp London, I develop in Android and PHP using MySQL, Apache and other open tools. I clearly talk about it constantly seeing that a friend from my lodge bought me a Linux Fish car decal. So, obviously my development environment is built on opensource.