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Cashier Jobs Are Checking Out

This week, Amazon published a video showing their new shopping technology. They are implementing it in brick-and-mortar convenience stores called Amazon Go starting next year.

Beyond Ridiculous

Furious Directing The director of a film has a huge impact on how the story is told. Justin Lin is an excellent example of this. He brings his perspective from the highly varied films Fast & Furious, Fast & Furious 6, Fast Five, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. This Star Trek films c...

The Music Of Star Trek

Classical Music In Space Since Star Trek: The Motion Picture, classical music has been at the core of Star Trek. Jerry Goldsmith created the epic music that defined most of Star Trek for decades, along with music for other movies I watch frequently like Total Recall, Alien and The Burbs. Denni...

Fractal Plants

Best Of Both Worlds

There is a common image being passed around and it has been irking me for awhile. While I agree that the image on the left is generally preferable to the one of the right, it assumes that one cannot love both nature and technology. Gullys And Programming My backyard in St.Thomas backed onto a gu...

Bruce The Cat

I have always loved cats. I come from a family of cat people. I've drawn cartoons about cats, I've written stories about cats, I've been obsessed with cats. 

Cricket Breeding – Week Two

The cricket colony hasn't done exceptionally well. There are two things that I was concerned about that I believe were the causes: I used a normal high wattage incandescent bulb instead of a heat lamp; they are in the basement I didn't have a constant source of moisture Both of these thin...

Publishing Draft Nodes in Drupal 7

This article explains how to set the creation date of a draft article published in Drupal 7 to the current date, rather than the date the draft was originally created.

Cricket Breeding – Week One

This article is the first of a series chronicling my latest attempt to breed crickets. I have only done this by accident in past, by inadvertently creating the conditions that make them want to reproduce. The purpose is to more easily provide an ongoing food source for our crested gecko. These are not for human consumption; that is gross.

Taco Interactive Daydream

Earlier On There were couple of programming environments I used during the 80s. Atari BASIC, Commodore 128 BASIC, Commodore 64 BASIC were common. There were also the weird assemblers that I first typed out of Ahoy! magazine, and then used to validate other programs that were just long lists of hex ...