London Sign Generator

A local London business has caused some controversy recently with his signage. The owner of Ale House London is using his sign to voice his concern over the rising costs of business in London, Ontario. Among these concerns is the large jump in minimum wage to $15/hour, a long-standing ambition of the NDP that was recently adopted by the unpopular Liberal Party. London’s Chamber of Commerce and the Progressive Conservative Party also oppose the increase.

The strong opposing reaction to his signage is understandable. Approximately 35,000 Londoners live in extreme poverty. Many Londoners are working part-time precarious jobs making minimum wage. Job recovery has been slow in this region while cost of living has been skyrocketing.

A Means Of Protest

While I disagree with the business owner about increasing the minimum a business can pay their employees, I can certainly understand the frustration around rapidly rising costs. He has a right to express his concern, and the protestors theirs. There is a lot going on these days and it is easy to get angry.

I prefer humour as a means of protest. So, I have created this little app to generate signage for Ale House London. Please be decent. Please be hilarious.