Check-In Calendar

Check-In Calendar is a simple location-based check-in system. It allows a company or organization to create multiple locations that have a secret code. This code is used to check in or out of a location. The code can be entered manually or scanned using a QR code that is exported from the application.

Organization or Company

  • register company with private code
  • create locations with private code and set occupancy limitations
  • save PDF poster with private location code and QR code
  • create a whitelist of accepted users
  • view results of check-ins

User or Employee

  • search company by private code
  • location check-in by scanning QR code
  • location check-in by entering private code

Demo and Source


ReddyEddy is an application share a draft email with one person without, view and accept suggested changes, and update your draft copy seamlessly. It is intended for users who want to run an email by someone before sending it, accepting some or all of their suggestions, and then update their draft email with those revisions. The user can then send the email without affecting the thread.

This application is in very early stages. The website has a form where you can sign up to receive an email once the project is live.

London Sign Maker

There is a restaurant in London that is notorious for causing a commotion for posting political messages on its sign. Every so often a controversy erupts over some new signage that is allegedly misunderstood, typically along with some anger on all sides. It’s what would happen if social media accounts had more of a physical presence.

My custom WordPress plugin takes the opposite approach, and allows anyone to create a custom sign and share those results.

About Squirrels

I like squirrels. I think they’re fascinating little creatures. I’ve started to realize that many other people are interested in them as well. London, Ontario is the black squirrel capitol of Canada, and might have an above-average number of squirrel enthusiasts.

It’s just a basic WordPress website where I post things relating to squirrels. Not much so far.