Visions of London

This is a simple image generator to help Londoners share their Vision for London, Ontario. Create Vision Statement Features suggested vision statements as reported from council meeting custom vision statements various preset images of London use your own image publicly accessible url for vision statements using preset images ability to customize header and footer About […]

Kim Don Krang

North Korean Chairman¬†Kim Jong-un and United States President Donald Trump join forces to become Kim Don Krang. Krang? Krang was a character from the 1987 animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series. Krang was an evil warlord from Dimension X. His appearance resembled a brain with little tentacles. Although he had an android body, he […]

Washington Crossing For A DoubleDouble

American media has once again latched onto the latest series of tweets from President Donald Trump. Most of these tweets are actually retweets centred around a user calling himself Trumpism 5.0. While American media is consumed by the never-ending spats between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, many Canadians noticed that a Canadian National Railway¬†engine was […]

Magical Banana Stickers

Snakeoil salesperson Gwyneth Paltrow made news again, this time for false claims that NASA designed magical stickers can solve every ailment. They are called Body Vibes and they remind me of Chiquita banana stickers. So I created a marketing website for bananas and banana stickers. Go Bananas

London Sign Generator

A local London business has caused some controversy recently with his signage. The owner of Ale House London is using his sign to voice his concern over the rising costs of business in London, Ontario. Among these concerns is the large jump in minimum wage to $15/hour, a long-standing ambition of the NDP that was […]