General technology

Browser Privacy

If you want to tune up your privacy online, a good place to start is with your browser. What I propose is a moderate approach. The setup I have at the moment is Firefox using DuckDuckGo’s Privacy Essentials. Consider The Humble Browser Is your entry to the world wide web controlled by Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s […]

Magical Banana Stickers

Snakeoil salesperson Gwyneth Paltrow made news again, this time for false claims that NASA designed magical stickers can solve every ailment. They are called Body Vibes and they remind me of Chiquita banana stickers. So I created a marketing website for bananas and banana stickers. Go Bananas


The worldwide WannaCry ransomware attack has corporations and governments pointing fingers. Microsoft stopped free support of popular and widely used operating systems. America has allowed a powerful cyberweapon to fall into the hands of gangs and terrorists. Thousands of IT professionals shirked their responsibility to apply necessary security patches. Many of the organizations affected have […]

Unity vs Gnome

Ubuntu’s default interface is pretty good, but Gnome 3 is really slick.