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A Plugin For Developing WordPress Plugins

There are a number of helper functions that I often find I’m missing when developing WordPress plugins. I’ve decided to put some of those in a WordPress plugin itself. I called this plugin Helpful Strangers because the functions are strangers to the platform, and only helpful functions are included. Because this plugin includes functions that […]

Unity 2D Reverse Sorting Game

Before taking on a big project, it is usually a good idea to try out a small manageable project. This has been my approach to learning Unity, a game development platform. Several months ago, I choose two test projects to port from old 8-bit Atari and Commodore BASIC to Unity and C#. The first is […]

Localhost Site Listing

Every time I set up a local development, I create a simple page that lists the folders in my html folder. I often find it’s particularly handy if I’m working on multiple projects on localhost and autocomplete has become a bit useless. While the project is primarily to save me time setting up new systems, […]

Bash Script To Create Database and User

I find that during development, there are three database commands I typically execute for any project that uses a MySQL database. I typically need to do three things: create a database create a user grant database access to the user I created a simple bash script to run these commands, along with setting a few […]

London Washrooms

If you’re downtown, it can be difficult to know where the closest public washroom is. If you’re out patronizing a business, they may have washroom facilities you can use. But if you’re out on a bicycle or on foot, it can be difficult to know what your options are. Fortunately, the City of London provides […]


Like many programmers who learned their craft during the 80s, I started with Microsoft’s BASIC programming language. I grew up with the Atari 800XL, and later moved to the Commodore 128D and 64. Back To BASIC is a project to port BASIC games entered in magazines and books over to modern platforms. Two excellent resources […]

Custom Drupal 7 to WordPress Migration

This website has been migrated from Drupal 7 to WordPress using a custom process. I created a quick-and-dirty WordPress plugin to query specific┬áDrupal 7 nodes and add them as WordPress posts. In most cases, I would recommend building or using two plugins: one for Drupal 7 that queries and exports data using the Drupal’s API, […]