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Canada's Sesquicentennial is here. I'm too young to have lived through the Centennial in 1967. I often get the impression that there was excitement and progress in general that year. In Montreal, Expo67 defined the culture of the time. In London, a whole bunch of silly buildings were erected. I trie...

Magical Banana Stickers

Snakeoil salesperson Gwyneth Paltrow made news again, this time for false claims that NASA designed magical stickers can solve every ailment. They are called Body Vibes and they remind me of Chiquita banana stickers. So I created a marketing website for bananas and banana stickers.

London Sign Generator

A local London business has caused some controversy recently with his signage. The owner of Ale House London is using his sign to voice his concern over the rising costs of business in London, Ontario. Among these concerns is the large jump in minimum wage to $15/hour, a long-standing ambition of the NDP that was recently adopted by the unpopular Liberal Party. London's Chamber of Commerce and the Progressive Conservative Party also oppose the increase.

London’s Open Map Data

London's open data catalogue is a good starting point if you're looking for map data, budgets, water sampling. Working with map data can be tricky at first. I show how to import London's map data into both GoogleMaps and QGIS. London's Open Data Catalogue The City of London's Open Data Catalogue ...

Custom Drupal 7 to WordPress Migration

This website has been migrated from Drupal 7 to WordPress using a custom process. I created a quick-and-dirty WordPress plugin to query specific Drupal 7 nodes and add them as WordPress posts.

London’s New Urban Luddites

While London struggles with a housing and rental crisis, opposition to neighbourhood intensification grows. A look at Richard Florida's latest research as it applies to London's intensification strategy. London's Old Crisis A decade ago, London faced a problem that was extremely common at the tim...


The worldwide WannaCry ransomware attack has corporations and governments pointing fingers. Microsoft stopped free support of popular and widely used operating systems. America has allowed a powerful cyberweapon to fall into the hands of gangs and terrorists. Thousands of IT professionals shirked their responsibility to apply necessary security patches. Many of the organizations affected have been hospitals.

Real News and Fake Problems

News in all forms faces a real problem as fewer people are able to tell the difference. Everyone is caught now and then sharing something that referenced a source that was less than accurate.

Back For The Tannens

The thing about movies involving time travel is that you often have to watch them a few times before you have a good grasp on them. Back To The Future is a trilogy that I've seen many times over the past quarter century. The internet now dedicates and shares insights into everything from the p...