Localhost Site Listing

Every time I set up a local development, I create a simple page that lists the folders in my html folder. I often find it’s particularly handy if I’m working on multiple projects on localhost and autocomplete has become a bit useless.

While the project is primarily to save me time setting up new systems, I decided to share it in a public GitHub repository. I like to give each computer a name and a custom background, and those can be configured in the config.php file.


GitHub Repo

I used composer to write a simple script that concatenates the config.php and page.php into an index.php file that gets copied up to the parent folder.

Whenever I set up a new Ubuntu machine, I give it a name. Lately, my machines have been named after sci-fi comedy spaceships. Red Dwarf and Heart Of Gold.

Starship Heart Of Gold

A Simple Start

The layout is presently pretty simple. I am taking care to copy as few files as necessary to the html root directory, to ensure I have minimal impact. I’m also being mindful that lower-end web browsers might be used but I haven’t done any testing.

Future Plans

While my plan is to keep the application light, there are a few features that I would like to introduce eventually. Since this is an open source project, it is possible that some other developer will like to contribute in some manner. However, my present intent is to keep the project pretty light, with a few gradual modifications.

The main features that I’m considering:

  • thumbnail images for each folder
  • folder statistics
  • improved workflow and setup
  • common php functions
Red Dwarf