Taco Interactive Daydream

Earlier On

There were couple of programming environments I used during the 80s. Atari BASIC, Commodore 128 BASIC, Commodore 64 BASIC were common. There were also the weird assemblers that I first typed out of Ahoy! magazine, and then used to validate other programs that were just long lists of hex values. And then there was a curious program called Garry Kitchen’s Gamemaker.

This was a very early approach to making programming a visual experience. It was used to make simple games utilizing a limited yet versatile set of tools. There a number of similar types of applications that are currently gaining popularity. The programs that Gamemaker created were large and sometimes buggy, but it was fun and very easy to use.

This daydream that I’ve created reminds me of these old silly programs. Touch on the taco to increment the counter and reset the position of the taco. That’s it. Just a minor distraction while your phone is charging. If you choose not to interact with it, you’ll just see tacos drifting through the sky. That’s a great thing to see any day.

The Project

The code is very similar to the Elusive Red Dot daydream. Instead of having one ImageView, I used four and each has its own animator. I also added a ClickListener to the taco, which then increments a counter and resets the position.


This daydream is available on GooglePlay and can be installed through the website or via the Play Store app on your phone or tablet.

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