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Pretend, Pose, Posture

Silly, Billy, Willy

You're Ridiculous

Banana Stickers are designed to make you look ridiculous. Putting a Banana Sticker on your forehead is the ultimate act of intellectual rebellion, since it is impossible to take a grown adult wearing stickers seriously.

Potassium Powered

The average banana provides 422 mg of the potassium, or about 9% of your 4,700 mg recommended daily intake. Studies have shown that potassium-rich foods reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Bananas are also an excellent source of fibre and natural sugars.

Banana Research

Athletic Performance

The mix of vitamins, minerals and low glycemic carbohydrates make bananas the favorite fruit of endurance athletes. Raised potassium levels contribute to reduced muscle cramps and the energy levels in half a banana are equivalent to drinking a sports performance beverage.

Banana Sling

How To Sticker

Banana Stickers should be worn in the center of the forehead. We recommend wearing a stupid expression to experience the full absurdity of the exercise.

Key Placements: Center of forehead. If you have trouble making a funny face, your usual expression is probably funny enough.

Optimize Results: Eat the banana.

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People Are Strange

"My new favorite accessory, stupid-looking banana stickers."

Gullible Monthly

"Our adult daycare introduced us to 'banana stickers' and we've been unable to stop pooping our pants ever since."

Infantilized Quarterly

"These stickers...make you look stupid. Stick one on and laugh at yourself."

Some Kid

Stay Delusional

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