The Ethics Of Mr. Morneau

The Liberals’ rise to power was tightly interwoven with the narrative that they presented to Canadian voters. During the 2015 election campaign, they borrowed the best ideas from other parties and added lots of hope, hugs and sunshine. Their “sunny ways” were an appealing alternative to attack ads from the CPC and NDP.

As Justin Trudeau stated, “sunlight is the world’s best disinfectant”.

Festering In The Darkness

Near the beginning of summer, Mr. Morneau stated that “some people may be paying less than their fair share” when describing tax evasion. Criticism in July was largely related to his business tax reforms, and seemed to come mostly from the Conservatives. The slow unraveling over the summer has accelerated over the past two weeks. Bill Morneau is now being investigated by Canada’s Ethics Commissioner, his connection to Bombardier is in question and his overlooked and undeclared French villa has rubbed average Canadians the wrong way. If only Bruce Wayne were here to save Clark Kent by writing a giant cheque.

Trouble In Paradise

And then there is the multi-generational Liberal fundraising connections to fancy accounting schemes, as recently revealed in the Paradise Papers. This in particular hurts the credibility of Liberal promises to crack down on tax evasion.

We’ve also seen some blame placed on the Ethics Commissioner herself. It is true that she should have given firmer direction to the Minister of Finance, himself a naive newcomer to the world of common folk and their concerns. This sort of deflection is also common whenever there are data breaches due to government agencies ignoring the guidelines defined by the Privacy Commissioner. In Canada like most of places, we have a number of toothless watchdogs that leave the foxes in charge of the henhouse.

Talking The Walk

We were definitely sold “The Talk”. It seemed as though they understood why Canadians are losing trust in their governments. An excellent marketing campaign.

Canadians do not trust their government, because it does not trust them…Unprecedented power has been concentrated in the hands of the Prime Minister and his office…  Canadians are beyond taking their elected representatives at their word when it comes to integrity…No wonder Canadians are cynical. Canadians are justifiably skeptical about whether it will ever change…Canadians are beyond taking their elected representatives at their word when it comes to integrity…People know that Ottawa is broken…We’ve heard enough talk. We want to see leaders walk the walk.

— excerpts from Justin Trudeau’s foreward in Liberal party platform document.

Are We Not Men?

We are DEVO.