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London’s New Urban Luddites

While London struggles with a housing and rental crisis, opposition to neighbourhood intensification grows. A look at Richard Florida’s latest research as it applies to London’s intensification strategy. London’s Old Crisis A decade ago, London faced a problem that was extremely common at the time. Growth around the edges of the city pulled people, businesses and […]


The worldwide WannaCry ransomware attack has corporations and governments pointing fingers. Microsoft stopped free support of popular and widely used operating systems. America has allowed a powerful cyberweapon to fall into the hands of gangs and terrorists. Thousands of IT professionals shirked their responsibility to apply necessary security patches. Many of the organizations affected have […]

Holding Onto Holdings

Recent discussions and real estate developments have once again brought Shmuel Farhi and Farhi Holdings Corporation into the spotlight. I spent some time looking into Farhi’s successes and follies while building a visualization tool to help understand how he influences the City of London. About Shmuel Farhi Shmuel Farhi is an influential landlord, property manager and investor. […]

Real News and Fake Problems

Devising An Informed Alternative To Authoritarian Censorship

Your 2016 In Review

If your own video of 2016 was unspectacular, you’re not alone