A Plugin For Developing WordPress Plugins

There are a number of helper functions that I often find I’m missing when developing WordPress plugins. I’ve decided to put some of those in a WordPress plugin itself. I called this plugin Helpful Strangers because the functions are strangers to the platform, and only helpful functions are included.

Because this plugin includes functions that aren’t prefixed by the plugin name, it is doubtful that it will ever be accepted by WordPress. You can download it as a zip from the link below, or from the GitHub page.

Download Plugin

Laravel Development

I spend the majority of my time developing in Laravel. One of the reasons why I enjoy coding in Laravel is how flexible the framework is.

The dd() function is the one I miss the most. So, that is where I started.

dd($variable, bool $fancy = false)

Future Development

This plugin will grow over time with functions and features to help with developing and publishing WordPress plugins and themes.

Open Source

This is an open source project.